About Annie Alvarez

Hi everyone,

I thought it was time we had a blog that would cater specifically to our community...the lesbian community. A place where we would be able to provide a nice balance between a butches point of view and a femmes. A place where we could discuss sex, life, and everything in between. I hope that we are able to provide that for you.  :0)

A little about me.
I'm the better butch half of this blog and as my wifey says, I can be a brat, but my intentions are never malicious. I, publically,  came out when I was 18 and I'm...oh, never mind age. The point is that I've been out for a while, now. I had my picture plastered on the front page of the Sunday paper with the headline, "growing up gay". Yeah, I wasn't quiet about it. LOL

In case you're wondering, I, too had a difficult time growing up gay. I have been to that dark place that seems to emcompass your whole life. That same place that most people don't venture back from, and I survived it. Yes, coming out was easy for me, but living my life wasn't. So, yeah, I understand better than you think I would.

Today, I'm in a loving 15 year relationship that we've built on tears, laughter and trust. I'm a published lesbian erotica author with several books under my belt. I wrote the enchanting and sensual, "Hightower Series" about a clan of lesbian vampires. I also wrote "Carly Bright", a humorous and sexy story about a half witch, a vampire and the trouble they get into solving cases. "Sessions" is pretty much all about sex...yes, lesbian sex with a mixture of toys, mild B&D and, of course, more sex.

You can read excerpts of all my books at: http://www.anniealvarez.net feel free to browse around and pass my link along.

If you'll like us to discuss something specific on the blog, drop me a note at: sheboiblog@gmail.com I promise, we will keep it real and we're not out of your reach.