Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini Vacation

We finally got some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and ended up in Fredericksburg, Texas.

What in the hell does this small  town hiding in the middle of hicksville Texas have to do with this blog? Well, I’m glad you asked.

First of all, not a single soul raised an eyebrow when my honey and I rolled into town holding hands. Everyone treated us, dare I say the word…EQUAL. Now, I’m no fool. I know that touristy towns make their money from people like us, you know, tourist but some towns aren’t always so accepting of “our kind” either.

Stop right there! I didn’t say that they welcomed us with a parade. Nope. Nothing like that. What they did do is treat us like any other couple and that was enough of a welcome for me and my honey to guarantee we’d be back with more of that “green” stuff to spend there. LOL

Almost everything is worth checking out. The Old Tunnel State Park where you can watch the bat emergence at night, The Wildseed Farms, The plethora of Vineyards, The Antique Shoppes, Candy Stores, and Peach Orchards.

On the opposite end of that, I have to say that I found David’s Old Fashioned Pit BBQ on Main Street to be rather disappointing. My issue with them included to major things:
1- When I told the cashier that I was deadly allergic to certain foods and asked if I was safe to eat at their establishment, I would have preferred to hear, let me get the manager NOT I think so. Nope. Not acceptable. Okay, so after 20 minutes we finally figured out what I could eat that wouldn’t try to kill me and we ordered. I thought that was going to be the end of my unpleasant experience.
2- While we were eating, my honey subtly pushed her plate away. Even though I know what that means I had to ask, “What’s wrong” because I am a glutton for punishment. When I informed the cashier, cook/server whoever she was about the strand of hair drowning in my honey’s plate, her response was, “Oh, sorry” as she continued to carry on her conversation with her “co-worker” never giving me, us another thought.
Do people with food allergies have a right to know exactly what they are eating? Did I have to tell everyone I knew what happened? Yeah, I think so. 

If you want an awesome place to eat on the way to Fredericksburg stop in Johnson City and eat at The Silver K Cafe on 290.

Any place that treats my honey and I like the normal couple we are deserves my support and that's what this little town has to do with my Sheboi blog. Just keeping it real folks :0)

Whether you’re in a car or on a bike you’ll find the back roads into Fredericksburg a delightful drive. Google Map