Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spare me…

The one thing that irritates me the most, is the women, who after they figure out I’m gay have the nerve to say, “Oh, I’m okay with it, really. I have friends who are gay,” as they pull the top of their blouse shut to hide their breasts.

Really? I find that EXTREMELY offensive. What the hell makes them think I want to see their boobies anyways? Unless they are wearing one of those 2 million dollar Victoria Secrets Bra’s that are lined in Diamonds, I don’t give a rat’s ass what their boobies look like. And if that’s the case, I’m staring at the bra, not the boobs!

Okay. Okay…I get it. They are straight. I am gay. That changes the rules, right? Wrong! Just because I’m attracted to women, doesn’t mean I’m attracted to them. I mean, straight women aren’t attracted to every single man out there are they? No, it’s ludicrous to think that.

All I ask is for some damn respect when they are trying to reassure me that they are “okay” with me being gay. Is that too much to ask for?

Friday, June 17, 2011


boomer It is with a sad and heavy heart that I post this today. My good friend Mel, recently lost her dog, Boomer, to an aspirin overdose.

Many people are not aware that there are several things you can do before taking your dog to the vets.

This was taken off the ASPCA website.

Be Prepared

Keep the telephone number of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center—(888) 426-4435—as well as that of your local veterinarian, in a prominent location.

Invest in an emergency first-aid kit for your pet. The kit should contain:
  • A fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide, 3 percent USP (to induce vomiting) – Yes, it does work! When our Yellow Lab ate rat poison, don’t ask – we gave him hydrogen peroxide and watched him puke most of the poison out of his system before we took him to the vets. It saved his life to get the poison out before it had a chance to dissolve and get into his system. If they don’t start puking almost immediately, make them run. Throw a ball, have them chase you, do anything to get them moving. It will work.
* NOTE: I don’t understand why Vet clinics do not tell you to induce vomiting immediately. Obviously, if your pet ingested battery acid you DO NOT want to induce vomiting as it will burn their esophagus on the way out, but for pills, make them puke!  Please know that I AM NOT a vet and DO NOT give out medical advice of any kind. I say this only from my experience.
  • A turkey baster, bulb syringe or large medicine syringe (to administer peroxide) See above. Yes, you will need a way to get the peroxide into them. Believe me, your dog will not want to drink it willingly.
  • Saline eye solution – Haven’t had to use it yet. Knock on wood.
  • Artificial tear gel (to lubricate eyes after flushing) – Haven’t had to use it yet. Knock on wood.
  • Mild grease-cutting dishwashing liquid (for bathing an animal after skin contamination) – Haven’t had to use it yet. Knock on wood.
  • Forceps (to remove stingers) – Regular tweezers also work if the stinger is small.
  • A muzzle (to protect against fear- or excitement-induced biting) – Haven’t had to use it yet. Knock on wood.
  • A can of your pet’s favorite wet food – We keep several handy and rotate the stock on a regular basis.
  • A  pet carrier – We always have at least two handy.
Another one for the pet first aid kit.

We found out our Yellow Lab was prone to Epileptic Seizures the hard way. Believe me, its not a pretty sight. If you have a big dog, one who is not easily picked up and carried, get, buy or make a backboard to carry them. You can find them online for as little as $99.00. If you need to transport your big dog when they are in the midst of a seizure, a towel or a sheet isn’t going to do the job. Trust me!

Seizures are a scary thing. The reality that your dog will not come out of the seizure is very real. Another friend of ours lost her Saint Bernard that way. He seized and never came out of it.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! Be informed. Get emergency numbers and have them handy. Make a plan and be prepared to act on it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

All right boys and girls…

BoiToi500It’s time for a little shameless, self promotion, because after all, it is how I make a living now a days.

CYA: My books are of a mature, adult nature.

My newest book, Boi Toi, was just released. Its got sensuality, teasing, packing and cock worship, orgasm control, mild BDSM and it’s even quite possible that I’ve used some personal experiences to write a scene or two. :0)

Now, I’m not going to tell you to click over to eXtasy Books and buy a copy. I wouldn't do such a thing…but I will say that it would make me very happy if you did.

Here’s an excerpt of what you can expect:

     Lexi led me through the rooms on the main floor, explaining the significance of the furniture and the art, which was French contemporary, but bored me almost to tears. Luckily, I think she noticed my efforts in trying to look interested and upped the stakes. Each time we entered a room, occupied or not, she would grab my cock and rub it gently as she continued her history lesson. When we entered the unoccupied library, I grabbed her, bringing her close to me, but she took hold of my hands and stuck them in my pocket.
     “No touching, yet,” she warned and continued to talk about some damn French artist and how famous he was.
     “You’re driving me crazy,” I complained leaving my hands where she put them.
     “You’re not a patient person, are you?” She cocked her head and smiled, slowly licking her lips, leaving them wet and shiny.
     “No—Yes,” I stammered and took a deep breath. “You’ve worked me up all night. I can’t stand it, anymore. Show a girl some mercy.”
     “Okay,” she eagerly responded gesturing at my clothes. “Take them off.”
     “Here…now?” My voice cracked. I couldn’t believe what she suggested.
     “Yes,” she reassured me. “Here and now.”
     I peeked into the crowded hallway noticing that any number of guests could easily walk in on us. “What if someone comes in?”
     “So?” She raised her brow in a questioning way. “What if they do?” She approached me and started unbuttoning my slacks.
     I pulled away. “No. I can’t do this,” I said securing the button in place.
     “Well, then, you’ll have to be patient.” She leaned into me and pressed her lips to my neck, gently laying kisses on my sensitive skin. “It’s not as if, I didn’t offer.”

And if you liked that, check out my website and/or my new Yahoo! Group for  more excerpts.

Happy weekend all! :0)