Thursday, March 8, 2012


Image Okay, okay. Other than writing my very sexy vampire erotica books, I’m thrilled to be in school studying the most Butchiest course of all…Motorcycle Mechanics!

Yea, yea…I get dirty, greasy and I come home smelling like a mechanics shop, too! What can I say? I’m in heaven. So, I thought I’d update you as to exactly where in heaven I am.

I’ve completed Engine Overhaul and Electrical.
During the day I’m currently taking Drive Systems (Clutches and Transmissions) and my nights are filled with Tune-Up classes. Yup. That’s me burning the wick at both ends.

Speaking of both ends – you like how I lead that into my erotica writing? Both ends, get it? LOL   I know…I can be such a dork sometimes :0)

Writing is going good. I’m working on The Hightower's, book 7. We have a new character coming on board that I think you you’ll like. Samantha’s a ghost, yes, a ghost. Anyway, she’s attached herself to Tamara and she’s quite the character.

I’ve update my pages so it’s easier to find me:

Annie Alvarez – FaceBookTwitterNLV Blog
Annie Alvarez Fan Page FaceBook
Sheboi – FaceBookTwitterSheboi Blog
And the new Website.

Oh, I love that sign! I love the Stroking part! LOL

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