Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Update…

For some people, it may seem that I have fallen off the face of the earth and for that I do apologize. Here’s an update on what’s been happening in my neck of the woods.

First, I found out last week that my Uncle Pedro died and although I am not close to my father’s side of the family, my Uncle’s death touched me deeply, especially since it was so close to my birthday. On September 10th I'll be yet another year older and it raised the ever present question of what if anything am I leaving behind for my partner and how will it help her, God forbid…

wallpaper-789561_thumbIn my soul searching I decided that for as much as I love writing, it was not going to provide a decent living for me or my family. I have NO intentions of giving it up, fret not, but I also need a career doing something I enjoy and something that would be lucrative so, I went back to school to become a Motorcycle Mechanic.

I love riding, I’m mechanically inclined and I foresee motorcycles becoming ever more popular as gas prices continue to increase so why not? Now, I’ll not only be a butch who rides, but one that fixes them and you never know, I might open my own shop someday too. LOL

The way I see it, taking these classes will give me something more to write about. Maybe I should write a book called Dykes on Bikes.

On another note, I really have lost all my iphone contacts, so please email, call or inbox me your number unless you've already done it. :0)

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