Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fierce femmes warm the cockles of my Heart

I once knew a femme chick that would pack under her dress. She didn’t make a big deal about it, she just wanted to be ready for her submissive when she wanted to bend her over a sink in a department store, or occasionally made her suck her off while they were driving down the highway. That was the kind of fierce femme she was. I didn’t think anything odd or different about it, I just thought it was what she was into, and who am I to disagree?

Don’t relax, or relax, whatever makes you comfortable. A femme strapping it on under her dress is her prerogative. Now if that makes you uncomfortable, I say, ask yourself why. What is it that makes people uncomfortable?  Are butches the only ones that should be wielding cocks around the great outdoors? Is that not a double standard? Have we really come a long way baby?

© Sam Martino

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