Monday, August 1, 2011

No 7 E - Cigarette - EPIC FAIL!

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Not because I smoked. It’s been 10 days and no analog cigarette has touched my lips.

Nope. No 7’s epic fail has EVERYTHING to do with the actual product.

Here’s a brief rundown on the situation. In the beginning, we purchased an $89.99 starter kit, the $39.99 Square (a portable charging box for the batteries), and $60.00 worth of various Nicotine strength cartomizers. Grand total: 189.99 + tax. Well, over $200.00 worth of merchandize. I know that seems like a lot of money, but ultimately, it’s cheaper and healthier than smoking analog cigarettes. Trust me.

1) Okay, less than 2 weeks after we purchased over $200.00 dollars worth of merchandize, I ordered a Menthol Low Cartomizer from No 7’s website and received a Regular Tobacco Low, not the Menthol.

2) I called No 7 and they apologized, stating that they would ship out the correct Cartomizers ASAP.

3) Several days later, I received the correct Cartomizers but they were defective. They would not screw onto the battery. I called No 7 again. Again they apologized and said they would send a return label which we would receive the next day.

4) 4 days later, we received the Return Label and sent back the defective Cartomizers.

5) 1 week to the day, I called and asked about the cartomizers, which I had ordered received and sent back so they still owed me the cartomizers or my money, either would do fine at this point.  Here’s what they said, that they tried the cartomizers we sent back on 4 different batteries and the cartomizers have fit on every battery. Also, they “tested” one of the cartomizers and it was dry, insinuating that I had used the cartomizer and then sent it back to them that way, but they will ship another set of Cartomizers to me.

Okay, here’s where I take issue. Really? I’ve purchased more than $400.00 worth of product from No 7 since the beginning of all this and they are going to “insinuate” that I what?  Stole a $4.49 cartomizer from them. Really? Seriously? Are they fucking joking?

Okay, moving on from the absurdity of it, I have purchased SEVERAL more cartomizer sets since this happened, at least $100.00 or more dollars worth, and let me tell you what I have found. The Cartomizers are inconsistent. Some allow easy inhaling, some you need the lung power of a Hoover to get a drag. No 7’s solution, charge the battery. WRONG!

It’s not the damn battery, it’s the product and the lack of quality control. Proven to me by what your customer service representative told me about the Cartomizer being dry.

No 7’s EPIC FAIL comes from the ease of which they blame their customers for finding their quality control issues instead of striving for what the company promises, quality!

As a Texan, I really wanted to support a local Texa's company. Such a shame that my money and I will go elsewhere…

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  1. Hi Annie,

    Been a while since I popped in here, or heard from you. I hope everything's going okay for you.

    Ya know, when I quit smoking, I tried a few of the products and procedures of the day, which I admit was a great many 'days' ago. The one I really liked was lazer. This nice lady hooked me up to a battery and by the time she called me 'done' I most definitely was. Stoned, I mean. Then she asked me to write a check! Was she insane!?

    It's a good thing I'd dragged my SO along or I'd still be wondering how to spell my name. Jeeze!

    The least fun was acupuncture, but I can see how it might work, and understand it did for many people. I just didn't get it for myself.

    So, I'm assuming your going on about those little cigarette looking jobbies you suck on. Why am I not surprised Number 7 isn't being of any help? I mean, you're trying to quit their habit. It's sad though and I hope you're still plugging along. Determination, stubbornness and temper, yup, that's what'll work for you!

    Are you running out of chores yet?