Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family…enuf said?

PuchyI love my family, even those that I deem a threat to my sanity, but this isn’t about them. This time it’s about the one’s that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Take for instance, my Aunt Puchy, yes that’s really her name. Cubans have this way of nicknaming loved one’s the strangest, most unusual names. We have a Puchy, China, Happy, Nini, Duvy, but I’m getting off topic here.

My Aunt Puchy, who accepts my partner Jennifer with open arms is going to drive me crazy. I swear!

Puchy is of the belief that you don’t unnecessarily worry someone. Let me tell you how many problems that has caused and bless her heart, she doesn’t even realize the worry she’s caused some of us with that stupid mentality.

I just found out today that my Uncle Amado, no not a nickname, had surgery on Tuesday. Heart Surgery, no less!

So the conversation went something like this:

Puchy: Hello baby, everything is fine. (Big clue that something was wrong, but things are fine, NOW)

Me: Oh, what happened?

Puchy: I didn’t want to worry you, but the operation went good and your uncle is home now.

Me: What operation and when?

Puchy: On Tuesday, he had a little problem with his heart, that’s all, but he’s home now and doing good.

Me: What little problem?

Puchy: With his heart. (This is usually the point where I start yanking my hair out)

Me: Okay. Why not tell me on Tuesday, like when he was having surgery?

Puchy: I didn’t want to worry you.

Me: I see, and what would have happened if things didn’t go well in surgery? Would you have told me then.


Me: Hello?

Puchy: Well, I think if he had died, you couldn’t have done anything about it. So why worry you.


I love my aunt, but really?

Anyone else feel out of their league when talking with the elders in your family? Geesh!


  1. how about a sibling who won't speak to you at all and a mother who only calls when someone has died?

    why do you think i cherish my friends so very much!


  2. Rofl @ your aunt! Love it!


  3. Caren, I'm so sorry. It's terrible that you're family does that. On the other hand, you have great friends who love you just the way you are. :0)

    Jeri, how did I know you would find that amusing? LOL Yea, yea! That's my aunt Puchy, gotta love her :0)

  4. I TOTALLY understand you and feel your pain! Isn't it frustrating? No matter how blue in the face you can get, you just won't get it through to her. need to just humor her. Remember, she's helping you by not worrying you?!?

  5. Annie,

    First of all gotta ask, what's your wacky name?

    Then I have to sympathize, or empathize. I've got a mother in law who doesn't want to worry anyone, but she goes the other way. Says it, but then turns around and calls all of her kids/and spouses, to take her to the hospital when she has some minor or imagined ailment. All the while saying, isn't it lovely all my kids came to see me?

    I love this woman dearly. She'd do anything for us and our own kids, but she can make life REALLY frustrating.

    Phew, I feel like I've just ranted. Sorry!!