Monday, July 11, 2011

Frustration’s a brewing…

Banghead here1
I think I’ve been a lesbian too long. Let me explain…

I’m writing the second Carly Bright book and unlike my Hightower Series where my characters are all lesbians, Carly is… well…she’s Carly. Not a lesbian, not straight and heaven forbid, not confused either. Carly is a sexual being. How’s that?

Carly tends to go where her heart follows, be it female or male. The problem is that my heart isn’t following her, how shall I say? Her male itch for attention.

Nope. Nada. Not at all. Zilch. I’m a blank.

What sucks about this?
Well, I’m glad you asked. What sucks is that Carly Bright seems to have better sells with the free-to-be-sexuality than my lesbian series does.

I wish I could focus strictly on my female/female stories but either, A- I’m not getting word out to my Sisters that my stories exist, B- my Sisters don’t want to spend the money, C- I have better following and support from the straight community (which would be sad) or D- my stories suck donkey dick.

So, in the process of trying to write CB, I’m trying to remember what it was like to be…on the other side of the fence. Yeah, not coming to me as clearly as I thought it would. And please, no visuals.

The life of a lesbian, paranormal, erotica writer isn’t always glamorous :0(

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  1. What about not thinking about the male aspect and just thinking about the sensual/attraction aspect. Meaning, I'm totally straight, but I'm guessing "getting hot" for another human personally feels pretty much the same no matter whether it's she or he inspired. The hot heat of passion just is, at least, that's my guess -- I'm of course thinking of it from a biological/physical chemical perspective ... you see someone and they turn you on, biology's got a preprogrammed response, and voila heat and emotional feelings start flowing. Perhaps focusing on that, and less on the stimulus, might be helpful. I'm very much a feeling writer. I try to describe out it feels. Then for you, and for Carly, throw in all the male hot triggers: solid muscles; hair (no matter what length) you just want to run your fingers through; long, hard, thick (fill in the blank) ... although I've always felt the association of the word throbbing to penis is rather sort of gross ... as in a sick penis, so I avoid that word, lol! Emotions work both ways. The main difference is strong, muscular *flat* chests and happy, get 'er done penises (well, one per human, please) . . . other than that, you've got all the emotional depth stuff, so write that. You are so creative and awesome; I know you'll find your way through this non-glam part. :0) Well, I don't know if that helped or not. But if I found myself in the position of having to write f/f, I'd fill in all the emotional stuff and add in the physical details with sensual descriptors ... all the while not personally believing a word of it, lol. :0)