Sunday, July 3, 2011

I don’t normally do this, but…

american-flag-2a The first and most important thing I want to stress is that this is solely my opinion and my opinion only.

The mornings headline in the Advocate caught my attention.

Gays Join in Protest of Ga. Immigration Law

What? I thought. This must be some kind of mistake…

“An LGBT contingent joined in a march Saturday in Atlanta to protest Georgia’s new immigration law, which opponents consider racist, the GA Voice reports.”
Blah, blah, blah, blah… “Thousands of people — estimates ranged from 8,000 to 14,000 — participated in the protest at the state capitol, calling for repeal of the law. Georgia is one of several states, including Arizona, Utah, and Indiana, that have recently adopted laws aimed at addressing illegal immigration, claiming the federal government is not doing enough.”
Blah, blah, blah…”Among the provisions allowed to stand, one makes it a felony to use false information or documentation when applying for a job, and another sets up an immigration review board to look into complaints about government officials not complying with state laws on illegal immigration.”
Okay. I realize that I may earn me some not-so-happy-points with what I’m about to say, but nonetheless, it needs to be said.
What the hell is the gay community thinking? Really? Have we, as a whole LOST OUR FUCKING COLLECTIVE MINDS!
Being an out and proud lesbian, I stand strongly with providing equality and fairness to all. I have done my share of marches, protests and what-nots. I have stood tall, and strong, in the face of adversity and I will continue to do so, but I will NOT fight for the rights of Illegal Immigrants to continue sneaking across our borders, using our resources, taking our jobs and bringing their, holier than thou, I deserve to be here attitudes with them!
Come here legally, get a social security number, get a job, contribute back to our economy and I will support your right to be here, as strongly as I support the gay and lesbian right to equality.
My family came here from Cuba while the “Castro regime” was killing innocent people. My family crammed on a ship, packed like sardines to sail across the 90 miles of ocean to save their lives.
My family came here, to the United States and respected the law. They LEGALLY took residency. I am the first generation American from a long line of Cubans and Spaniards. I get it!
Again, I strongly believe in people coming to the UNITED STATES for a better way of life. I have no issues with that.

Many people have faced unsurmountable adversities to come to the United States, and they did it LEGALLY. I have little tolerance for someone who believes they can break our laws and sneak across our borders like a thief in the night then demand all the rights of a United States Citizen.  If you want to be a citizen or resident, honor our Nation and it's people by coming here legally.

Gay rights and illegal immigration are two separate issues and should NEVER have been intertwined.

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