Sunday, May 22, 2011

A little confused…

No, I’m very confused and I’m hoping someone can explain this to me. In this day and age when so much is happening around us that merits everyone’s attention…the unrest in the Middle East, Extremist Groups threatening retaliation, Our grand President throwing Israel under the bus (and for the record, he does not speak for me), the Economy tanking, in spite of all the Bull Shit that politicians and the media are feeding us about how America isn’t heading into a recession and I’ll not go into the vast amount of homeless, jobless, and hungry Americans right now, either. Gas companies raping us at the pumps, Insurance premiums out of control, BILLIONS of our hard earned American money going overseas to rebuild, help or just “pay off” Countries that harbor the same terrorists that want Americans dead, not to be dismal about this, but doesn’t it seem a little ludicrous that we are providing the means for these assholes to kill us?

And yet, my 15 year relationship seems to merit more attention, and more energy than the real problems we are faced with today? Someone please explain this to me because I am at a loss for understanding. Since when is my personal relationship with another consenting adult so important that it merits people losing their focus on the real problems at hand?

Do you think that by banning the word “gay” from schools it will make us go away? Do you now think crying that the heterosexual couple is being discriminated against is going to solve the alleged homosexual problem? Are some people that fucking stupid? Sorry, my frustration gets ahead of me…

I, for one, am tried of being the scapegoat for the people who are not willing to face the real issues that plague our Nation and the World. It’s a poor ass excuse that has overplayed its effectiveness.

While people are actively fighting to keep us as second class citizens the world is moving on, terrorist are scheming more plans, natural gas is running out, war is threatening to brew in the Middle East, Israel is in danger of disappearing, the World’s Climate is changing and not for the better, our dollar is losing its value by the day, our technology is falling behind, and our Nation continues to be in crisis…

If it’s the religious aspect that has you stuck then hear me when I say that your message has been delivered. We heard you or at least, I heard you. Now I ask you to treat us fairly and have enough faith in your God to let us sort it out with our maker, when the day comes.

If it’s the political aspect that keeps you stagnant, remember that our great Nation was founded for equality for all, not just for a select group of people.

There are more important and pressing things happening all around us than to focus all this energy on continuing to oppress a group of people simply because of our sexual orientation.

Imagine the change we could make in this world if we could all come together as one equal and uniformed voice.

End of rant…


  1. Amen! It's ridiculous. It really is. What our government is doing right now, in most aspects, just sucks. If our current president gets re-elected, I'm probably going to blow a gasket. This country needs to find some meeting of the minds, and it's not going to get it if we continue to have a 'Republican' or 'Democrat' in office. They're both too extreme. We need an independent party that can meet in the middle and unify the people. If we had a little more compromise and understanding, everyone would be so much better off.

    Who's business is it what people do in the privacy of their homes but the consenting adults? Well, barring illegal activity. The general populace needs to stop trying to control other people's lives. Civil Unions between consenting adults, offering all the rights and privileges as a man and woman pairing should be available to whichever combination of consenting adults want it. It's still a loving, caring, monogomous relationship, right? Why are people threatened by this?

    Okay. Thanks for letting me piggy back on your rant. I am in agreement that what's going on is a stupid, foolish waste of time by bigoted fools who really need to get their heads out of their asses. God bless. ~Charlie

  2. Anytime Charlie. I love reading your comments and feedback and you're right. We need someone who can meet us in the middle. People are so focused on closing the front door that they're letting the house go up in flames. Sad.

  3. I totally agree with you, Annie. What kills me is what you said "remember that our great Nation was founded for equality for all, not just for a select group of people."
    Unfortunately that is only half true. Slaves, though they are human, were not considered equal, and in fact it was still like that up until 1964 when finally, the Equal Rights Ammendments was passed. Patrick Henry was famous for saying, "Give me Liberty or give me death. When he said this, he had 4 slaves working for him. I guess he wasn't referring to them regarding liberty.
    Heck, why do you think the Civil War was fought. It was over slavery.
    The citizens of the US--and I belive we are one of the few nations that does this--discriminates against anyone that is different.
    First it was race, now it is against gays and lesbians.
    As long as we notice a group of people that is different, it will always be this way.
    Americans will never learn. :(

  4. OMG Tony, you are so right about Henry. I fear that we will never learn, not even from our mistakes. It's all in our history and yet people continue down the same path of trying to control a group by oppressing them. It's shameful. We are one of the last few countries recognizing alternative lifestyles and that alone speaks volumes all in itself. Thanks, I love your comment :0)

  5. Annie,

    I'm not going to comment on your post as I'm not American. I do agree with your thoughts, though and feel incredibly angry with anyone who discriminates because of sexual preference, gender, color or whatever else can be found to single out a group. We're all people and there are way too many other things in the world right now that are sooo much more important and truly need to be dealt with. Homosexuality isn't a problem. It's just people loving people. Jeeze!