Friday, May 13, 2011

Reality check…

red-hat-reality-check I believe this post is way overdue. Here are some harsh realties about the GLBT community that a lot of people just don’t realize or have some VERY skewed views about.

First of all, contrary to some popular belief, we don’t go around “converting” people to become gay or lesbian. We leave the converting to the religious zealots.

Secondly, most and yes, I do say most lesbians are NOT men haters. Actually, we don’t even think about men a lot. Sorry, guys, but we just don’t and we certainly don’t think about you enough to hate you. That takes a lot of energy that frankly, you’re not getting from us. Myth busted.

Third, as for the “we need to find a good man” theory. A lot of us, have had a good man or two in our lifetime and yeah, it didn’t change the fact that we are still lesbians.

Fourth, it really pisses me off that some people use pedophile and bestiality in the same content when referring to gay’s. Listen up…just because you don’t or refuse to understand something, doesn’t mean we go around having sex with children or we want to screw your dog. That’s sick and if you really believe that, I suggest you start taking a good look at yourself instead of blaming us for tendencies you may hold, it’s called being responsible for yourself. There is help for that - get it.

Fifth, another shocker. We haven’t ruined the institution of marriage – that was ruined a long time ago and without our help.

Sixth, there is a BIG difference between “Special”, distinguished by some unusual quality and “Equal”, the same as, alike in quantity, degree, value, etc.

Don’t fool yourselves, we aren’t trying to take anything away from anyone. We only want the same rights that any other person or couple has, including the right to marry and the benefits that go along with it.

Harsh reality: We pay taxes, we work, we spend money, we grow old and we die, just like everyone else. The only “special” thing in our lives is that we are continually discriminated against by our Country, our Nation, our People and our Government.

Seventh, we don’t need saving and even if we did, it’s not going to happen by your hand.


Eight: The comment Ellen DeGeneres made about the toaster oven was a joke! You know…humor…haha…funny. Geesh!

Anyone want to add to the list?

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