Friday, May 27, 2011

Two for one special…

And here I was wondering what the hell to write about when this popped into my headlines. I’ve got a two for one special happening today.

First, take your seats everyone…I want to address American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer: ‘Gays are Nazis’ comment.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think I laughed so hard, I might have pee’d my pants. Really? Now, we’re Nazi’s? As a Cuban-American, Gay, Jewish, Female I am at a loss for words. I never thought that I would be classified as a Nazi! Damn, and I was just getting used to hearing all kinds of other nasty names.

Okay, on a serious note, because after all, these are serious allegations…we have been persecuted, fired, beaten, tortured and killed because our lifestyles, but we’re the Nazi’s? How am I even supposed to take these allegations seriously? Has common sense left the building?

Snatched from other headlines:

Bigotry backfires: El Paso anti-gay ordinance leaves many without benefits

The ballot measure, initiated by a group of conservative Christians aimed at promoting “traditional family values” asked voters last November to make health care benefits available “only to city employees and their legal spouse and dependent children.”
Tom Brown, pastor of the Word of Life Church, organized the ballot measure, but did so without use of an attorney to advise on the verbiage.
When 55% of the voters approved the measure on Election Day, they eliminated coverage for some 200 people who don’t fit that description — among them city council members and other elected officials, who aren’t technically city employees, and many former and retired city workers.
“This is an example of how direct democracy can have unexpected consequences,” wrote Federal Judge Frank Montalvo, quoting James Madison.
“Any of those people who were excluded from benefits in the ordinance will be excluded from benefits,” said Mayor John Cook after Tuesday’s city council meeting.
Kudos to Federal Judge Frank Montalvo and to Mayor John Cook for standing firm in the face of opposition.
Oh, and by the way Mr. Fischer, we had nothing to do with the ballot in El Paso backfiring on the conservative Christian group. That was all about…dare I say it…gay’s being persecuted once again.

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